Committed to an eco-responsible future

As a packaging printing specialist, we recognize the importance of reducing our environmental impact while providing innovative solutions to our customers. That’s why we’ve integrated sustainable practices into every aspect of our business. From the responsible management of our raw materials to the adoption of innovative technologies in our production process, we constantly strive to minimize our ecological footprint. At Produlith, sustainability is at the heart of our commitment, guiding our every action towards a more eco-responsible future.


We integrate the principles of sustainable development at the heart of our company’s vision, mission and values, while emphasizing ethics and transparency in the development of our organizational policies.


At Produlith, we promote a healthy, safe and dynamic work environment, where everyone’s daily collaboration is essential. We place fairness at the heart of our values and are proud of our contribution to the well-being of our communities.


As a team, we are committed to actively reducing our ecological footprint in our production processes. We carefully monitor our greenhouse gas emissions through our carbon footprint assessment.

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