Professional packaging design services

At Produlith, our packaging design department is the driving force behind our creativity. Thanks to our experienced team, we push the boundaries of design to offer you unique and striking packaging solutions.

Drawing on our technical expertise, we carry out an in-depth analysis of your products’ packaging characteristics and requirements, maximizing the strength, durability and efficiency of their packaging. We offer structural designs adapted to your specific needs, for a tailor-made solution every step of the way.

Packaging performance analysis aims to optimize the efficient and reliable operation of packaging throughout the supply chain, by meeting precise requirements.

As part of the packaging design process, we carry out a careful analysis of substrates to select the most appropriate cartons for the required specifications.

We attach great importance to studying the product’s environment, taking into account storage, transport and handling conditions. Variations in temperature, humidity, pressure and vibration are all factors that can influence packaging design.

We ensure that the design of your packaging complies with local and international Health Canada and FDA regulations on safety, information and raw materials.

Prototype development

The development of prototypes in packaging design is a crucial stage in the design process, enabling ideas to be brought to life and tested in real-life conditions prior to series production. These prototypes offer the opportunity to assess the functionality, strength and visual appeal of the packaging, while enabling adjustments and improvements to be made to meet specific product and market needs.

Customized design

Our packaging design service goes beyond simple design. We are committed to fully understanding your product and its history. A series of preliminary questions are asked and discussed to analyze packaging needs in depth, taking into account product composition, origin, quantities and packaging chain. Our aim is to establish a long-lasting, trusting relationship to accompany you through the years to come.

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