Produlith’s DNA is based on several departments, each of which plays an essential role in our overall success. Our operations are innovation-driven, with a strong emphasis on investment in state-of-the-art equipment. This approach enables us to provide our customers with the best possible packaging services.


The prepress department is of fundamental importance as the first stage of preparation before printing begins. The experts in our department are responsible for ensuring that digital files meet Produlith’s high quality standards. The team is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to detect file errors and ensure proper production.

  • Esko platform
  • CTP plate manufacturing
  • Global Vision quality software


The flexography department at Produlith plays a central role in the production chain, providing flexible packaging solutions, including pouches, labels and films. Thanks to the in-depth expertise of our team and our innovative technologies, we are proud to offer a comprehensive service unrivalled in quality on the market.

  • Mark Andy P5 2018 press
  • Variable data printing unit (DPI)
  • Numbering machine
  • Rewinder
  • Pharmaceutical Rewinder
  • TubeScan: 100% in-line inspection system
  • Water-based and UV inks
  • Finishing: in-line lamination, metallic effects


Lithography plays a key role at Produlith, making a significant contribution to the art and science of cardboard printing. Thanks to the best technology on the market, our team is able to maintain color fidelity and print visuals, ensuring that every production run meets the highest quality standards.

  • Komori GLX640 Press 2019
  • Vegetable-based inks and HUV
  • Water-based varnishes and HUVn
  • PQA (Print Quality Assessment) system: 100% on-line inspection


The cutting and folding-gluing department at Produlith occupies a crucial position in the production process, ensuring the precise transformation of printed products into finished goods. Our experts manipulate advanced technologies to precisely cut each project, then expertly assemble them using sophisticated gluing techniques. Our service offering includes finishing techniques including stamping, embossing and lamination.


  • Bobst Novacut 106 ER 2022 cutting press
  • Bobst 106 Speria diecutter
  • Braille and in-line embossing


  • Folder-gluer Bobst Vision Fold 2023
  • Folder-gluer Bobst Domino Matic Folder
  • Bobst Media 100-II folder-gluer
  • In-line ejection system to prevent mix-ups