Graphic design

A well-designed packaging goes far beyond its utilitarian function: it tells a story, evokes sensations and creates an emotional connection with the consumer. Graphic design becomes an authentic brand ambassador that guides the consumer towards the purchasing decision.

At Produlith&Design, we master every step of the packaging creation process to optimally convey the brand’s values because of our creative, strategic and pragmatic approach. Our close collaboration with clients throughout the production process allows us to better understand their needs and goals, ensuring the realization of a high-quality project.

We accompany our clients in creating a set of visual, narrative and emotional elements that define and differentiate a brand or product from its competitors in the market.

As part of our design services, we offer a comprehensive analysis of packaging redesign, including selecting the most suitable fonts for product identification and visual communication on packaging.

We offer a comprehensive service to develop an informative document ensuring visual consistency of a brand across all its applications.

Our experts stay constantly informed about market requirements and ensure compliance with laws and regulations governing the appearance and content of product packaging.

We offer the creation of printed mock-ups and prototypes to visualize the packaging design before its final production, providing a tangible and concrete perspective of the product.

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Graphic conception

The art of capturing consumers’ attention while effectively communicating the values and features of the product. By integrating the brand’s visual identity, graphic elements, essential information and regulatory requirements, packaging design creates a coherent and persuasive visual experience. Our goal is to establish an emotional connection with the target audience, differentiate the product from its competitors, and strengthen brand recognition.

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Regulatory infography

Our regulatory infography service is specifically designed to ensure compliance with the rigorous standards of Health Canada and the FDA. By collaborating closely with our clients, we ensure that every graphic design meets regulatory requirements for safety, readability and accuracy of information on pharmaceutical products. As a trusted partner, we are committed to providing quality graphic solutions tailored to the strictest market standards.

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