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Employé qui fait la vérification des boîtes sur la presse flexographique
Employé qui fait la vérification des boîtes sur la presse flexographique

Quality system

Produlith is much more than a manufacturer of packaging materials. We also ensure a partnership with our customers to guarantee quality products.

Quality excellence is the first aspect on which its current and potential customers judge Produlith. Therefore, quality management is the cornerstone of Produlith’s activities.

Quality Management (QMS)

Our Quality Management System (QMS) integrates all the elements of Good Manufacturing Practices in force (GMP), extracted from the GUI-0001 guide from Health Canada. Our premises, equipment, and processes are designed to meet the most stringent requirements that govern printed materials.

  • Quality department: Our team consists of qualified professionals with a mastery of GMP. This team ensures compliance with regulatory and customer requirements and provides the conformity of productions and the release of batches.
  • Staff and training: Produlith’s employees are qualified with specific and recognized expertise. This expertise is shared with our customers, shaping very successful customer experiences. To ensure the competence of our employees, they must undergo coaching training for new employees and annual GMP training.
  • Recognized procedures and working methods: Our operating procedures detail our working methods related to our products’ production, inspection, and storage operations. The main objective of these procedures is to explain the tasks and roles of the employees in an accessible language. These procedures ensure compliance and optimal efficiency at each stage of production.
  • Premises and Equipment: Production operations are carried out in clean and well-maintained premises. A thorough and regular inspection is carried out by technicians experienced in pest control.
  • Continuous improvement: Our dedication to continuous improvement is not limited to customer expectations, but is a fundamental aspect of Produlith’s culture. This dedication extends to all aspects of management in our company.