In-line inspection

As a manufacturer of high-quality cardboard and flexible packaging, Produlith has invested in a full range of equipment, including state-of-the-art in-line inspection systems.

Implanted within our printing presses and finishing machines, these inspection systems guarantee complete prevention of blending, detecting defects in real time and enabling our operators to make immediate corrections. This approach results in a significant reduction in material wastage and the elimination of costly reprints.

Our Komori lithographic press is equipped with an on-line PQA (Print Quality Assessment) inspection system. This system monitors the integrity of the print job and alerts the operator to any problems detected. In addition to inspecting print quality, this technology is equipped with a PDC (Print Density Control) device that ensures precise color control and automatic register adjustment.

This inspection system uses sensors to read the printed image and compare it with the original PDF (customer proof). In this way, the operator can easily detect any characters missing or added during the initial printing, ensuring total conformity with the customer-approved proof.

Each of our gluing machines is equipped with a barcode reader. This system reads the pharma-code printed on the glue flap of each box. This unique code makes it possible to identify each product, and any non-conforming boxes are automatically ejected, guaranteeing product integrity with no risk of mixing.

Our flexographic press is equipped with a TubeScan inline inspection system, guaranteeing 100% verification of print quality. What’s more, our finishing machine is also equipped with an inline inspection system, offering a second 100% inspection of all our products.

Notre équipement de finition en flexographie est équipé du système en ligne Nikka Alis L1C-330-4F, capable de détecter tous les défauts d’impression. Il repère les changements de couleur, les impressions cassées ou manquantes, les taches de couleur et les traînées d’encre, les décalages de registre, les matrices, les raccords et les étiquettes manquantes.

Our flexographic finishing equipment is also equipped with the Nikka Alis L1-330-4-OCR in-line system, enabling printed numbers to be read and a report generated for the customer. This market-exclusive technology ensures unprecedented traceability and transparency.

Quality management

Our quality department is equipped with state-of-the-art measuring and control instruments, ensuring the impeccable quality of the products we deliver.

Global vision: This system is designed to detect conversion errors, inspect all production runs, spot any defects and check barcodes.

Color checking: Color checking is carried out under standardized lighting, using illuminants that emit high-quality light in line with industry standards.

Thwing-Albert: This equipment is used to measure the coefficient of friction, evaluate peel and determine can opening force.

Friction testing: Our equipment guarantees the durability of our products against potential damage during shipping, storage or handling.