Quality system

Produlith transcends its simple function as a packaging manufacturer to become an essential partner to its clients in the pursuit for exceptional products. At the heart of our commitment lies our dedication to quality excellence, a value that guides all our actions and defines our reputation. We recognize that quality is the primary criterion by which current and future clients evaluate us, which is why we place quality management at the center of all our operations. At Produlith, we are committed to maintaining rigorous quality standards in all packaging production processes.

Our Quality Management System (QMS) incorporates all elements of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliant with Health Canada’s GUI-0001 guide. Our facilities, equipment and processes are designed to adhere to the strictest standards governing the production of printed materials.

Our team consists of qualified professionals who have extensive expertise with GMP. This team is committed to ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and client specifications, while ensuring the conformity of production and releases.

The Produlith team is renowned for its expertise, shared with our clients for successful outcomes. To ensure the ongoing competence of our team, an annual training program on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) is implemented.

Our operating procedures outline the methods we follow in the production, inspection and storage of our products. They aim to clarify the tasks and responsibilities of each employee in clear and accessible language. These procedures ensure compliance and maximize efficiency at every stage of production.

Production operations take place in immaculate facilities, regularly maintained to ensure optimal hygiene standards. Experienced pest control technicians conduct meticulous and regular inspections to ensure a clean and safe working environment.

Our commitment to continuous improvement goes well beyond the mere expectations of our clients; it lies at the very core of Produlith’s culture. This determination is reflected in every aspect of our business management.

Quality policy

Produlith is committed to offering its customers high-quality products and services. By mobilizing its employees and optimizing its quality system, Produlith ensures:

  • Prompt and professional customer service;
  • Delivery of products that meet customer requirements and regulatory standards;
  • Adherence to its quality commitment by establishing the necessary material and human resources;
  • Continuous improvement of the quality system by ensuring effective control of all processes.

Shawn Desmarchais