Label types

We offer a wide range of custom labels, carefully designed to meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations in terms of design and functionality.

Pharmaceutical products

Multi-layer labels

Food products

Cosmetic products

Consumer products

Finishing techniques

At Produlith, our flexography department has been developed to offer unique finishing techniques on the market, meeting precise requirements in terms of aesthetics, regulations and quality.


Sequential numbering system using luminescent ink and 100% inspection via a printed number reading system, enabling a report to be generated for the customer.

Cold stamping

Applied via metallized foil to create dazzling metallic effects available in several colors.


Application of a transparent plastic film for a smooth finish that also acts as a protective layer.

Selective varnish

Various varnishes can be applied to part or all of the label to obtain a gloss or matt finish.

Variable data

The ability to print unique information on every label printout.

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