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Employé qui fait une inspection en ligne sur la presse lithographie
Employé qui fait une inspection en ligne sur la presse lithographie

In-line Inspection

As a manufacturer of high-quality pharmaceutical packaging, Produlith has invested in its equipment with a full range of online inspection systems.
Installed on printing presses or finishing machines, these inspection systems prevent mixes 100%, identify faults in real-time, allow the operator to immediately implement corrective actions, reduce waste of materials, and avoid costly reprints.

  •  100% printing inspection on the lithographic press: Our Komori lithographic press is equipped with a PQA (Print Quality Assessment) online inspection system. This system monitors the integrity of the print job and alerts the operator to printing problems. In addition to the print quality inspection, this equipment is also operated by a PDC (Print Density Control) device, which allows color control and automatic register adjustment.
  • The PDF Comparator system on the lithographic press: This inspection system uses sensors to read the printed image for comparison with the original PDF (customer proof). This system allows the operator to check for missing or added characters during the initial printing, thereby ensuring compliance with the evidence approved by the client.
  • Barcode reader system: Each of our gluing machines has a barcode reader. It is a system that allows you to read the pharma-code printed in the glue flap of each box. This pharma-code is unique and non-compliant boxes are automatically ejected, thus guaranteeing that there will be no mixtures of products.
  • 200% print inspection on flexographic products: Our flexographic press has a TubeScan online inspection system, which checks the print quality of production at 100%. Also, our finishing machine has an online inspection system, allowing a 100% second inspection of our products..