Exclusive inspection and numbering compliance system

An exclusive inspection and numbering system to guarantee compliance at Produlith.

Produlith demonstrates once again why it is recognized as the industry leader in packaging.

The Boucherville-based company has invested half a million dollars in a brand-new system, which will revolutionize the market and guarantee label and quantity conformity, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector.

This new equipment was developed and custom-built by a Quebec-based company. It is designed to meet the requirements of pharmaceutical customers and highly regulated companies.

Understanding customer challenges

Produlith has several pharmaceutical partners in Canada and the United States. More than 50% of sales come from this sector. Packaging is of crucial importance, as quality standards are very strict and must comply with current regulations. It is imperative to ensure traceability and safety and to guarantee the conformity and quantity of pharmaceutical labels.

This new “pro-vision” system is 100% automated.

The online inspection system compares 100% of the labels with the customer’s approved proof. If a fault is detected, the equipment automatically stops to replace the defective label. The system’s bi-directional option revalidates the conformity of the replaced label, eliminating any risk of operator error.

Nikka Alis bi-directional inspection system

And unlike standard equipment that checks color contrast, this new “pro-vision” system measures the Dela E color of 100% of printed labels.

The sequential numbering system on the back of the labels guarantees quantity conformity, thanks to a market-exclusive option: a camera that reads the printed numbers. In the event of a numbering error, the equipment automatically stops to allow the necessary corrections to be made.

This equipment is validated to pharmaceutical standards, and regular internal audits are carried out to ensure ongoing system reliability.

Avoiding problems for our partners

An error in labeling or reconciliation could have very serious consequences for a pharmaceutical company:

  • Production disruption
  • Delayed time to market
  • Risk of marketing a non-compliant product
  • Patient safety
  • Product recall
  • Loss of consumer confidence
  • Impact on the company’s reputation

This new pharmaceutical numerator demonstrates once again that Produlith listens to its partners and wishes to maintain its high standards of excellence in packaging.

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