Produlith: leader for 43 years

Boucherville-based Produlith is recognized as a leading company in the packaging industry, serving sectors such as pharmaceuticals, food, beauty and more. Founded in 1981 by Paul Desmarchais and now run by his son, Shawn Desmarchais, the company’s name carries significant weight in the printing industry. Initially focused on commercial printing, Produlith adapted in the early 2000s under Shawn’s leadership, anticipating the digital shift and specializing in packaging. This strategic change, guided by Paul’s vision, involved investment in new state-of-the-art equipment and a fresh start in the packaging sector.

A new BOBST arrives at Produlith!

As most of you guessed, a new BOBST is coming to Produlith! We are delighted to announce the arrival of the new BOBST NOVACUT BLANKER 106 ER diecutting press. This latest technology enables press sheets to be cut and peeled in a single pass. An important acquisition that will ensure superior efficiency in the production…