Export strategy for the U.S. market: a lasting partnership

For nearly 25 years, Produlith has been building trusting relationships with partners in the United States, marking an important step in our international expansion. Integrating the U.S. market has always been at the heart of our vision and corporate values. Our geographic proximity to the border has strengthened our ties with this dynamic market, making it easier for American companies to access our services and expertise.

Our commitment to quality, innovation and customer service enables us to respond effectively to the diverse needs of our international partners. We firmly believe that successful international expansion depends on human relationships and a thorough understanding of specific needs and local markets. That’s why we remain committed to sharing our expertise and offering ongoing support to our U.S. partners, reinforcing our leadership position in the packaging industry.

Free Trade Agreement

Working with a Canadian company like Produlith offers a significant advantage thanks to the free trade agreement. In addition to benefiting from quality products and services, business partners can take advantage of the smooth, streamlined collaboration fostered by trade agreements. By choosing Produlith, companies can support the local economy while accessing competitive solutions on the international market. This win-win collaboration strengthens commercial ties and contributes to economic prosperity in both Canada and the United States.


Working with a Canadian company can represent a major financial opportunity for an American company. Geographical proximity can considerably reduce transportation and logistics costs. What’s more, thanks to advantageous exchange rates, U.S. companies can benefit from considerable purchasing power when they buy products and/or services from Quebec companies.