A revolutionary invention for eco-responsible management

Produlith had long been looking for a way to reduce its ecological footprint while increasing the safety of its employees. After several months of reflection, study and construction, the Boucherville-based company can now count on a revolutionary automated system that sorts all cardboard residues into two different categories: recycled and virgin cardboard.

Produlith can now boast that it is even more eco-responsible and participates in sustainable development. This project was carried out in partnership with Papier Rebut Central, a company in business since 1957: “We’ve been working on this project for a long time. We sat down with recycling specialists and worked with engineers to develop this automated system. We’re very happy with the result,” says Shawn Desmarchais, company president.

This project has charmed the Société de développement économique de l’agglomération de Longueuil. Part of the engineering fees were paid thanks to the grant obtained. Produlith’s efforts were part of a program aimed at accelerating the integration of Factory 4.0 technologies within companies to make them smarter and more competitive.

Cardboard recycling system, outside view
Cardboard recovery system at the die-cutting press exit

Health and safety at the heart of our thinking

A high-volume printing plant can produce up to 675 tonnes of cardboard or paper waste per year. Prior to the installation of this automated sorter, production had to be stopped, and an employee had to transport the waste cart to the recovery area and empty it into the container using a shovel. An exercise that had to be repeated every 15 minutes, which exhausted the workers: “In a context of manpower shortage, our employees were assigned to other tasks and, at the same time, we considerably increased our productivity.”

Thanks to the barcode system, virgin cardboard is never mixed with recycled cardboard, and ends up in a separate container. So the recycling company doesn’t have to sort Produlith’s waste itself. An operation that saves time, money and has a direct impact on the environment, making Produlith a player in the ecological transition.